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Billy Bellinger racing historic Morgan

FIA Masters Historic Sports Car
Champions 2016

Keith Ahlers and Billy Bellinger, driving Keith’s Cooper King Cobra , won the championship also leading the pre-66 division. They also won the Gentlemen Drivers Pre-66 GT Championship driving Keith’s Morgan SLR

Masters Historic Racing Championship
Winners 2015

Keith Ahlers and Billy Bellinger took a class win at the Spa six hours in their Morgan SLR to become the champions again.

Winning Team in 2014

Preparer of the Year Award
Motor Racing Legends Preparer of the Year award won by Billy Bellinger
Stirling Moss Trophy winners 2014
Keith Ahlers and Billy Bellinger won the Stirling Moss Trophy, a series for pre-1961 sportscars and sports racers, co-driving Keith's Lola Mk1 Prototype.

Billy Bellinger receives the award at the annual dinner in January

Stirling Moss with the trophy he won at the 1955 British Grand Prix - his first ever Grand Prix victory.

Billy Bellinger holds aloft the Stirling Moss Trophy which he and Keith Ahlers won

Billy Bellinger on the way to a class win at Spa

Keith Ahlers wins the class in the Lola at the Silverstone Classic

FIA Sports Car Championship
Third overall for Keith Ahlers and Billy Bellinger driving Keith's Cooper.
Car prepared by JB Sports Engineering
Gentleman Drivers Championship
Win for Keith Ahlers and Billy Bellinger driving Keith's SLR.
Car prepared by JB Sports Engineering
Morgan Challenge
Keith Ahlers wins the 2014 AR Motorsport Morgan Challenge with a perfect score, achieving maximum possible points in every race.
Car prepared by JB Sports Engineering

Race Preparation
Preparation and pit crew support in the UK and abroad for Morgan sports cars, classic, historic and vintage racing cars.
Restoration and Servicing
Tuning, r
estoration, maintenance and servicing work to a high standard on Morgan sports cars, sports, classic and historic cars.
Gearbox and Axle Rebuilds
Moss and Meadows Gearbox rebuilds and Salisbury axle rebuilds for Morgan sports cars and other cars.
New Parts
New Replacement parts for Moss and Salisbury
manufactured to a very high standard by specialist suppliers.

Throttle Body Conversion and fast road cams on 1.8 Zetec engine give improved power and torque
Crown Wheels and Pinions for Salisbury Axles
Salisbury Phase 2 7HA
New ratios in 4.1, 3.9, 3.7, 3.5, 3.3 and 3.08 P.O.A.
Moss Gearbox Gear Kits
All synchro kits for Moss gearboxes now available P.O.A.
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Zetec throttle body conversion Salisbury Axle crown wheel and pinion Moss gearbox

Moss box Plus 8, any condition.
If you have one to sell or know of one please let us know.

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